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Book a flight

Welcome to the TheoAir booking system. This is where you can book a flight* with us.

To get started, please enter the unique code obtained at the TheoLand Travel Agency.

* Flight refers to a flight within the TheoLand game, not a flight in the real world to or from any real airports


We have answered a few of the most Frequently asked questions about TheoAir and the booking process below.

Does this cost anything in real money?

Absolutely not. Flights cost 5 Theos to book, but that is in-game currency.

Why does this have to be online? Why not in the game?

We have a few reasons for the online component to the booking process. It helps people practise their internet navigation skills, and also more closely mirrors what you'd do to book an actual flight.

Why do I need a unique code?

The code is required both to work out who you are in TheoLand, and to verify that you're authorised to act on behalf of your character in the game (we don't want people booking each other flights and using up their Theos). Rather than putting a complicated two-step login system in place, we thought that a unique code would be the easiest option.

How do I get a code?

Anyone in TheoLand can get one at the travel agency 24/7. Just type "get code from machine" once you're there, and you'll have one within seconds.

How many times can the codes be used?

Only once. Think of each code as a one-time password. You'll need another one for your next booking.