The Central Train Station

This is the online webpage dedicated to the Central Train station in TheoLand. The Central Station is likely the busiest place in the world, with trains thundering in and out very regularly, busses pulling up, and various other activities. Here you can see all trains and objects currently at the station. You can also see the three most recent events which took place there.

Room description

This is an enormous, busy outdoor train station in the centre of the town where you can catch trains going pretty much everywhere in TheoLand. The high street extends to the east, full to the brim with shops, restaurants and more.
Buses often pull up and stop near the entrance, and there are 2 long platforms where trains can draw up and stop. Each one has benches along the length of it. There is also a snacks vending machine and a ticket machine near the entrance to the station.
Hint: To board a train, just type "board train". You can also specify which train, for example "board local train 1".

Players, objects, trains and buses at the station

Below is a list of everything at the station. For the latest just reload the page.

Recent Events

Here are the three most recent events which took place at the station.

  1. A voice says: "Express Train 2 (The Airport Express) is arriving soon. All passengers who would like to board this train, please get ready for it as it is arriving in 2 minutes and 4 seconds."
  2. Local Train 2 departs for its next destination.
  3. The doors of Local Train 2 start to slide shut.

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